Exo exceeded 10 million cumulative album sales locally


(Media1=Bomyung Lee) Exo’s cumulative album sales exceeded 10 million copies in Korea only.

According to Exo’s agency, SM Entertainment, Exo recorded sales of 12 million copies of 5th album, 1 mini album, 1st album, Album with Winter special theme and live album totaling 10 million copies.

The number of regular 1 ~ 5 houses exceeded 5 million consecutive sales volume of 1 million. The DO NOT MESS UP MY TEMPO, which was released on February 2, sold 1,179,997 pieces on the 11th. The album also ranked # 1 on the iTunes Comprehensive album charts and # 1 on the China Shamisuji comprehensive charts.

SM said, “Exo is the first time that domestic cumulative sales volume of songs that debuted since 2000 exceeded 10 million.”


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